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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Somerville, Massachusetts, United States of America
I'm a middle-aged guy (late 40s). My name is Pete. Quirk Street was one of my addresses as a kid. My handle also suggests a little about my personality.

For work, I do IT support--right now, desktop support for Mac and Windows systems; in the past, system administration in small 'enterprises', mostly Solaris, keeping email and web back-ends going for up to 2000 users. I have a bachelors in physics and a doctorate in English lit (I was specifically an Americanist). So that should tell you something about how broad my interests can be.

For pleasure, I lead an alternative rock band in Boston, Dirigible Ego. You can find us in various places on the web: at our own site,; on Facebook (where we would love to have a 'like' or 'join' from you); on ReverbNation; on Bandcamp; on MySpace (a mostly defunct presence now). Fellow Dreamwidther eric_mathgeek plays bass and keys and sings in the band as well; we met via blogging back in the LiveJournal days.

I'm generally of the same-sex-interested persuasion (gay-ish) but known to have been involved with women in the past, by choice (I was an activist in and of the bisexual community for several years). I'm in a relationship with another man (Alan) for the past fourteen years, both of us are 'open' to other relationships and actually in them--he in a long-standing relationship with a woman, me in various relationships with other men, from the 'casual' to the very very serious. So you could call say I'm also polyamorous, although like 'gay' and 'bisexual' that's a term that means so many things to so many people, that it's better thought of as a conversation-starter than a label.

That's the capsule summary. ;-)
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